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Hull insurance

PREUSS yacht hull insurance covers partial losses and the loss of your own yacht,
whether caused by yourself or a third party, who cannot be held to account.

Benefits offered by the terms and conditions of PREUSS yacht hull insurance:

  • All-risks cover
  • Agreed value
  • No deductions under "new for old"
  • Defence of underinsurance excluded
  • Applicable whether afloat, onshore, bringing to shore and putting afloat
  • No specific route determined before start of trip
  • Extension of sailing area to include worldwide (sailing areas, pdf 40 KB)
  • Additional coverage for transportation by land or water independently of an accident
    to the means of conveyance
  • Additional coverage for consequential losses due to:
    defects in materials, manufacturing flaws, design faults, normal wear and tear
  • No excess with:
    total loss of yacht, transport damage, non-culpable damage due to fire, hull damage caused
    solely by third parties, damage caused by lightning
  • No claims bonus to 40%
  • Protected no-claims bonus after 4 years with PREUSS without any claims
  • Premium-free additional coverage for salvage and wreck clearance costs up to 2,000,000.-- EUR
  • Additional coverage for dinghies, outboard motors, inflatable life-rafts, trailers
  • Additional coverage for personal effects up to 10,000.-- EUR; no excess
  • Additional coverage for:
    yacht inventory and items of equipment, spare parts and tools, surfboards including rig,
    water skis where temporarily removed
  • Inclusion of cover for regattas possible
  • Inclusion of berth chartering possible at any time

adobe pdfTerms and conditions of PREUSS yacht hull insurance pdf, 92 KB
adobe pdfSailing areas pdf, 40 KB

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