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Passenger accident insurance

PREUSS yacht passenger accident insurance covers everyone on board
at the time of an accident – i.e. including the yacht owner, family members,
the skipper, crew and passengers.

It will cover accidental disability and/or death as well as the resulting salvage costs.

Benefits of PREUSS yacht passenger accident insurance:

  • Applicable throughout the world
  • Off the yacht insurance cover exists if ashore
    • when mooring / unmooring the yacht
    • o at the harbour when dealing with formalities directly associated with use of the yacht,
      e.g. customs formalities.
      In this case the insurance covers the direct route from/to the yacht.
  • Additional coverage for salvage costs
  • Daily benefits during hospitalisation
  • Convalescence allowance
  • Extended interim disability benefit

adobe pdfTerms and conditions of PREUSS passenger accident insurance pdf, 131 KB (in German only)

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