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Third-party liability insurance

PREUSS yacht third-party liability insurance covers any losses you cause to a third party
when using a yacht through your own negligence.

Benefits of PREUSS yacht third-party liability insurance:

  • Applicable throughout the world
  • Lump-sum cover for bodily injury and/or damage to property up to 15 million EUR
  • Possible inclusion of security bonds with losses occurring abroad
  • Additional coverage for water pollution
  • Additional coverage for damage to leased property
  • Additional coverage for financial loss
  • Premium-free skipper third-party liability insurance included
  • Protection from unwarranted claims asserted against yourself
  • Additional coverage for the skipper in charge and crew
  • Additional coverage for claims asserted by crew members against each other

adobe pdfTerms and conditions of PREUSS yacht third-party liability insurance pdf, 148 KB (in German only)

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